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  Middle East Fertility Society Exchange course & Symposium

Ovulatory dysfunction :Medical, Surgical & ART Alternative Management 

   Pre-congress course  17 - ASRM 2014


Complete Prevention of OHSS—Is It Possible?

    MEFS symposium - ASRM 2014


 Fertility preservation in women: Facts and dilemmas

    Pre-congress course 29 - ESHRE 2014

A Simplified Risk-Free IVF Without Compromising Outcome
   Pre-congress course 05- ASRM2013
High Dose Gonadotropin Stimulation for IVF : Is it Necessary and Does it have a Negative Effect or Outcome?
   MEFS symposium-ASRM2013

 Optimizing IVF outcome

   Pre-congress course 15- ESHRE2013


  Assisted Reproduction: Maximizing Success And Avoiding Risks

   Pre-congress course 12- ASRM2012


 An OHSS-Free IVF Clinic: Should This Be a Goal and Is It Possible?

   MEFS symposium - ASRM2012


The IVF Laboratory In The 21st Century

   Pre-congress course 08- ASRM2011


Ethnic Differences in ART

   MEFS symposium- ASRM2011


Simple IVF: How to make the process less stressful, more affordable and less  complicated for patients?

  Pre-congress course 12 - ASRM 2010


Controlled Ovarian Stimulation in Difficult Cases: Merits and Complications

  MEFS Symposium - ASRM2010


  Improving the outcome of IVF from ovarian stimulation to luteal phase support

    Post-graduate Course: ASRM 2009


Mild Ovarian Stimulation for IVF: Less Can Be Better,

  MEFS symposium- ASRM2009


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