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MEFS  is a 21 year-old professional society whose mission is to improve fertility care of couples in the Arab world and Middle East through the transfer of medical knowledge and the promotion of scientific research. The society has become a vehicle of knowledge dissemination and a platform for research collaboration in the whole region. The annual scientific event has traditionally become the meeting point where all fertility specialists across the Middle East find the opportunity to exchange scientific information, renew social bonds, strengthen national solidarity, and consolidate cultural heritage.

Dr. Samir Abbas- MEFS Research Award
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papers and publications
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submission deadline
August 1, 2014
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The Middle East Fertility Society (MEFS)provides a 20,000 USD grant to support and facilitate basic and clinical research aimed at improving reproductive outcome of infertile couples. This research fund is a generous donation from Crown Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud to support meritorious research in the field of Human Reproduction and Embryology. All researchers carrying their work in the Middle East are encouraged to apply. Read more


MEFS is proud to announce

the creation of the Scientific Board on Education and Research” 

The Scientific Board on Education and Research at the Middle East Fertility Society is a body composed of highly-esteemed well-published clinicians and well-funded scientists of Middle-Eastern descent representing the scientific clout of the society. For the first time, so many eminent scientific figures from our region join together to vest their prestige in an ambitious scientific endeavor aimed at improving management of the infertile population of the Middle East. Read more




MEFS Journal

published & hosted by Elsevier from January 2010 & full text is available on science Direct






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Membership to the Society is open for all individuals active in the field of reproductive medicine  and science including medical doctors, scientists, students and support personnel such as nurses, laboratory technicians, counselors, psychologists, social workers etc.  Read more




 MEFS Newsletter

 volume 1,2014




MEFS is pleased to announce the creation of the Physician-in-Training Program, an outreach educational program which main focus is to offer post-graduate physicians, residents and fellows, with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in Reproductive Medicine and Embryology that will enhance their potential  and further their careers as health providers. Read more


Save the dates and join us

21st annual meeting

MEFS 2014-  September 25 to 27, 2014


Abu Dhabi, UAE 


 Destination & Cultural Partner:         

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MEFS 2013 joint sponsorship with Boston University
Important to Know
Important to learn                       
Switch from NICE guidelines 2004 to 2012. Key changes and updates include
In the first “best practice” meeting of ESHRE and ASRM, there has been an emphasis on many vital topics. Some of these topics are summarized
MEFS exchange course & symposium
Ovulatory dysfunction :Medical, Surgical & ART Alternative Management  PG 17 - ASRM 2014
Complete Prevention of OHSS—Is It Possible?  MEFS symposium - ASRM 2014
Fertility preservation in women: Facts and dilemmas Pre-congress course 29 - ESHRE 2014
A Simplified Risk-Free IVF Without Compromising Outcome Pre-congress course 05- ASRM2013
High Dose Gonadotropin Stimulation for IVF: Is it Necessary and Does it have a Negative Effect or Outcome? MEFS symposium-ASRM2013
Optimizing IVF outcome Pre-congress course 15- ESHRE2013


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